I can’t believe it!  My darling Chloe is about to turn 2!  I am in the midst of planning for second birthday party.  Anyone who knows me or follows our journey would have seen that I LOVE party planning.  Spoiling our littles with visual delights and sweet treats to make their special day even more magic.  It’s got me reminiscing on parties of past and I wanted to share with you some of my favourites.

Ari’s really enjoys strawberries, he just loves them, and his birthday happens to be during Australian Strawberry season.  So for his second birthday party we headed to a local strawberry field in Glenview for an afternoon of picking nature’s candy.  All of his friend’s were given a punnet to fill and take home, which made for a rare healthy party favour.  The food was all based around strawberries, even the giant strawberry cake.  I also put Chloe and Ari in matching Strawberry themes outfits!

For anyone with a baby born during strawberry season I would highly recommend this idea as a party theme.





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