When it comes to decision making as a parent, I have found one area harder then any other….  How do I educate my child?  This questions goes over and over in my head in various forms, it is constant.  I feel the weight of their lives on my shoulders, as I ponder the decisions that I will have to make for THEIR futures.  Imagine that, the gravity of it.  Questions like, should I put them in day care?  Shouldn’t I?  Which school?  Public or private?  What do I need to do to get them ready for school?  Will they cope emotionally?  Have I prepared them enough?  More recently I have been thinking about Ari starting school as 2020 is creeping up on us. Whilst giving my babies an early life full of love, laughter and play it has become very clear that it is also important to me that I prepare them for when they are received by another educator, their school teacher.  I know for certain that I will cry because that is the weight and concern that parents hold.  I also know for certain that I will have the confidence knowing that I have done everything I can to make sure that Ari feels prepared and ready for school.

Get Ready For School Australia is an incredible resource kit perfect for parents, like me, who want to give their children a foot in the door when heading into formal education   It was designed and worded for Australian families and is perfect for ages 3-5 years old.  (Though Chloe even joins in on some of the activities at age one!)  It isn’t a ‘heavy’ material at all, but rather promotes engagement, play, family time and learning activities in a very natural way.  The thing that I like best about the GRFSA pack is that it takes the guesswork out of school-readiness.  Before we received ours, I found that I didn’t know where to start or what to do with teaching Ari school based learning at home.  I’m not a teacher so it wasn’t natural for me to know how to teach things like spelling his own name, or recognising the way that sentences are formed.  I used to be totally freaked out about how I was going to teach him all of these things and prepare him for school so that he could walk in confidently.   The program in this pack is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, even down to the Australian School Fonts that are used.  As it has been written by Australia families I find it extremely easy to use and honestly enjoy it.  I feel proud of him for learning, and proud of myself for teaching him.  Best of all it gives us both direction.  Ari loves his Get Ready For School Australia Kit, and I found that literally the day we started using it he was more observant in his everyday life.  Noticing letters on street signs, the way that I would say things to him, and of course he’s now asking even more questions!

The pack contains everything needed to prepare –
Here it is!
– Parent activity guide book: How To Get Your Child Ready For English
– Parent activity guide book: How To Get Your Child Ready For Maths
– Parent activity guide book: How To Get Your Child Ready For Science
– Forming Numerals workbook (for children)  in your State’s writing font
– Exploring Letters and Sounds workbook (for children) in your State’s writing font
– Early Learning Sticker Chart
– Personalised name writing set (first name only) in your State’s writing font
– 90 stickers to use with your Early Learning Chart
– 1 Micador Early Start Markers

You can find more information regarding Get Ready For School Australia on their website and through Instagram.

Don’t forget to use my discount code SWEETIFE for $20 off the complete kit and free shipping!

Lastly I would like to  note that this is in no way a paid collaboration.  I was kindly gifted our kit to try and I have found it to be beneficial that I wanted to recommend it to you!

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